Contract Law Questions Answered by the Attorneys at Wadler, Perches, Hundl & Kerlick

Contract law is an important practice area for the attorneys of Wadler, Perches, Hundl and Kerlick.  We help our clients with issues such as legal protection for creditors, liquidated damages clauses, Texas mechanics liens and breach of contract.

Our attorneys are dedicated to providing basic contract law information to our business clients and website visitors.  This information will help you be better prepared for your meetings with your attorney.  You’ll hopefully ask better questions and get more out of your meetings.  Making your meetings more productive will save you time and money.

We have offices in Wharton and El Campo in Wharton County, Richmond and Fulshear in Fort Bend County and Bay City in Matagorda County.  Call or text 800-929-1725 or visit our contact page for an appointment.  Our appointments can be in-person, online or by phone.

If you have topic ideas for future contract law videos, please let us know by calling our office.